Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello hello! Khabar baik tak, semua? Sihat? Aih, tapi aku hari ni memang sedih sangat sebab one of my favorite groups kena eliminated last night :(

From the time aku ter-tengok video audition diorang, I knew there was something special about them.... masa tu they wer just 'brown-hopefuls' trying to get into the competition...

They stand out from the rest and are perpetually in that 'one-love-good-vibes' mode, which is a breath of fresh air rather than the "hi-hi-kiss-kiss" types.

And they were soooo into chewing gum.... they say that the first thing they bought when the touchdown in KL was chewing gum... and here's proof:

Hmmmm.. Usually kalau seseorang tu sedih, the expression would be "I feel blue..." kan? But today, aku terasa 'brown' la.... tak tahu kenapa...



  1. sedey gak broen tone kuar..